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Alliance Animal Health Center Staff

Educated, skilled, compassionate care is the mantra of our staff, which consists of:


Our Veterinarians

Our veterinarians are dedicated to the health and well being of the pets in our community, and regularly take advantage of continuing education opportunities to ensure they remain knowledgeable and skilled in the latest developments in veterinary medicine.


Management Team


The management team is dedicated to providing our clients and patients with the very best veterinary care and client service experience possible. Through hiring, employee engagement, empowerment, continuing education, training and communication we strive to continuously improve upon the care we provide and the manner in which we provide it.


 Client Care Coordinators

When calling or visiting either Alliance Animal Health Center or Animal Hospital of Park Glen you will be greeted by one of our fantastic client care coordinators. We call them client care coordinators because that is their primary focus…. to provide exceptional care to our clients and to coordinate an extraordinary client/pet experience with our hospitals.


Veterinary Technicians

Pictured above is the team of veterinary technicians and technician assistants that our doctors depend on to assist them in providing high quality pet care. These individuals comprises many years of experience in the veterinary field. Our veterinary technicians and technician assistants are experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate people that are driven and committed to providing exceptional pet care. Our veterinary technicians and technician assistants assist our doctors in all aspects of patient care (just like a nurse). They provide care to sick, injured and healthy pets. They also educate clients and are dedicated pet advocates.


Guest Services

Our guest services team in charge of ensuring that all pets in our facilities are comfortable and clean at all times. This team walks, feeds, bathes and cares for our clients’ beloved pets. Whatever our boarding guests need, our guest services team provides. In addition, they also ensure that our hospitals are clean, assist the veterinarians and technicians in providing medical care and are always willing to lend a fellow team member a helping hand.



The groomers at Alliance Animal Health Center and Animal Hospital of Park Glen collectively possess over 20 years of experience in pet grooming. The groomers at our facilities do an amazing job while always being gentle, kind and professional. Our groomers take much pride in the work they do, and it shows.