About Us

Alliance Animal Health Center is proud of the fact that we have been serving the veterinary needs of the community for over 25 years and we are proud to have two locations to serve the needs of pet parents and pets. Educated, skilled, compassionate care is the mantra of our team of veterinary professionals. Our ultimate goal to to help give your pet the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible.


We are proud to offer our clients: 

General Wellness

Comprehensive physical examinations, immunizations, nutrition and parasite prevention are the cornerstone of a healthy life. Your pet’s wellness visit will begin with a trained veterinary technician obtaining medical history and vital signs for your pet before the veterinarian will perform a complete body system examination.


We utilize the safest anesthetic agents and use the most modern equipment to enable us to assess our patient’s vital signs during all anesthetic procedures. All pets admitted to our hospitals for surgery will be carefully screened for safety and anesthetic agents will be tailored especially for your pet.


Good oral health is important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but it is also extremely important for the overall health of the pet. An infection in the mouth can lead to infection throughout the body, which can cause illness. Poor dental hygiene can lead to pets having kidney, heart and liver disease.


Our facilities provide on-site, state of the art, digital radiography, ultrasound, electrocardiography (ECG) services, and telemedicine which offer prompt results to allow for immediate medical intervention and treatment. Our intensive care equipment and isolation facilities allow us to treat many of the diseases and ailments that can afflict your beloved pet.


The veterinary healthcare team of Alliance and Park Glen would like to be the one’s you turn to when you need someone to care for your furry family members while you are away. Whether it be for one day or several, both of our facilities offer day boarding and extended stay boarding with our highly trained Guest Services team.


The full service grooming spas of Alliance Animal Health Center and Alliance Animal Health Center offer breed specific haircuts or your own personalized styles. Our pet stylists possess over 20 years of experience in professional pet grooming.