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General Wellness Services Offered

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General Wellness Care

Comprehensive physical examinations, immunizations, nutrition and parasite prevention are the cornerstone of a healthy life.

The veterinary professionals at Alliance Animal Health Center and Animal Hospital of Park Glen strive to prevent illness. Our preventative care services and recommendations all focus around the ultimate goal… the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible for pets.

Pets are unique and the care that they require should be unique as well. We strive to create a health plan that will optimize the care and prevention needed for your pet dependent upon its life stage.


Did you know that pets age at a faster rate than human beings? See the “Pet Years in Human Years” calculator to learn how old your pet is in human years.

On average, an exam performed once a year for a pet is the equivalent to a human visiting a doctor every 6 or 7 years. In addition, many animals, especially cats, are masters at hiding health problems. An examination by an experienced veterinarian provides the opportunity to discover health concerns that might otherwise go undetected. The benefits of early discovery can lead to an increased quality of life, less pain, and decreased cost.

At a minimum of once (preferably twice) per year, a pet’s wellness care should include the following services:

Comprehensive Wellness Examination:

What happens during a wellness examination? Your pet’s visit will begin with a trained veterinary technician obtaining medical history for your pet. In addition, the technician will obtain important vital signs such as, weight, body condition score, pulse, respiration and temperature. Next, the veterinarian will perform a complete body system examination that will include the following assessments:

If you have questions about anything related to your pet’s health and well-being, the wellness examination visit is an ideal time to speak to your veterinarian about your concerns.